My review of a new book

My review of a new book " A Ticket to a Different World" (“Bilietas i Kitoki pasauli" – in Lithuanian) by Arunas G. published in Vilnius, 2014, p. 423

This book is a means that first and foremost teaches you to know your personality, your positive and negative qualities, sensations and states and to perceive your body. Secondly, it teaches you produce or catch thoughts, to separate what is yours from what not yours, it develops thinking and teaches you see what is happening around you – not only as someone detached – but as part of the whole.  I started reading this book when I felt the time had come.

I knew that I had to be ready for this work. The proper preparation yielded the correct results. As I read I felt thoughts, links, images and comparisons come about. I wrote them down in a note book and it was like reading an annexure t the book. I noticed some special places separately. I felt that the perception of time is changing - it was expanding.

Energy begins to appear, encouraging writing and creating. It's an amazing feeling. At one point the realization came I was reading a book of my own yet it was not I that was reading it but someone else. This state was completely unexpected. And when I stopped reading, I felt strangely uplifted.

This evoked a wide array of thoughts about my life. It reproduced a state of being that I had felt many years ago, when poetical thoughts would come. As I read the book I wondered and tried to apply myself that which was new. I discovered and compared it with my own qualities and behavior. I thought about what I was doing wrong and how I should feel.

So many thoughts about what‘s good, what‘s suitable and what needs to be corrected, came to me. What I did feel was a welling up of joy within me and a need to share with others my experiences and discoveries. An understanding came that this book should be read and that everything should be understood as I had, or that it should be made known quickly and spread, and in no wa y kept to itself. After all, our inner world does not begin and does not end with us. It spreads whether we like it or not. So keep it pure and true and spread just like that.


Life is like a book and a book is like life. It‘s an old truth but each time it is said new thoughts and a new understanding emerge.
You can live and say – I know how that‘s done, I know what that is, I know what I have to experience and how to behave. You can say that you know everything and that you can already do everything, and that you‘re well-read and that your own knowledge is rupturing from so much information.  
Yet unfortunately, unfortunately...there are times you suddenly (there may have been a slight intuitive warning) end up maybe in a swamp, or at a cross-roads, or in the middle of a deep ocean, or in a forest high on a mountain and you don‘t know what to do or how to act.
And you‘ve read so much information on similar occurrences, written and spoken of so much everywhere. What do you do? What can‘t you do? And now it‘s happened to YOU. And who are YOU that it couldn‘t happen to you? And do YOU know yourself well if you state that this is wrong and that this couldn’t happen to you?
Do you really feel your body truly well? Do you know your feelings, thoughts and senses? Are you convinced that you know them to be the final inarguable truth? Can it really not be otherwise? Can you really not experience other perceptions and feeling that you would never have imagined?
But maybe you simply don‘t know what these all are, not to mention the fact that you nevertheless can feel them. And just imagine that you CAN and that you have the opportunity – how would you then feel? Would you be scared?  Would you be impatient? Happy? Or...?
If you want to answer these questions (yourself) and you aren‘t scared, don‘t doubt and are curious, and dream about the fact that what you think remains only in your dreams and at least slowly allow a thought in then „it canNOT remain only a dream“ – take this book. It‘s meant for you the SOLE reader, this book that you‘ll read when you want to and which no one else will no longer see and not find out that you have it (unless you say so yourself) because you do not want to reveal your life to strangers. Isn’t that the truth?

 A Big Thanks for our friend Warren Thompson for translantion

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